1988 saw the release of PEEPSHOW, and the critical praise for the album had them moving in a startling new direction with an emphasis on a techno-pop dance style.  Which just shows that the critics hadn't been listening to the band's earlier material.  Although there were certainly songs that were melodic and orchestrated (such as Cities In Dust or their revamped version of the Beatles' Dear Prudence), and those songs whose focus had psychedelic underpinnings, there had always been a good number of tracks with a strong dance beat (probably Budgie's influence in the songwriting) and Siouxsie's music has always been remarkably danceable.  It was more a case of the critics and record label representatives wanting to pigeonhole the band so as to satisfy their own belief in what was sellable, and in so doing demonstrated how little understanding of the music they actually had.  
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