The Bromley ContingentThis key group of people, though not performers as such, were arguably Britain's first punk fans.  The original core of the Bromley Contingent were in the audience of one of the first Sex Pistols gigs, at Ravensbourne Art College in Bromley, an outer London suburb on the border with Kent.  In stark contrast to the apathetic or appalled reaction of most early Pistols audiences (including the bulk of the one at Ravensbourne), this group began to both spread infectious word-of-mouth praise around their acquaintances, and become a regular fixture at all the band's gigs in and around the capital - attracting notice from the music press as started dressing for audience participation in outrageous and provocative home-made fashions which rapidly became identified with the spread of punk itself.

Principal Contingent members were Simon Barker, who first alerted his friends to the Pistol's unique appeal after witnessing that first Bromley gig, Sue Ballion (who was to become Siouxsie), Steve Severin (later a Banshee), Billy Broad (quickly to metamorphose into Billy Idol), John Beverley (a future Pistol himself, as Sid Vicious) and the striking Catwoman (Sue Lucas).  Most of these would be seen on TV on the occasion of the Bill Grundy/Sex Pistols contretemps, and they were very much the prototypes for the general media perception of what constituted a punk fan in the mid-late 1970s.