The Punk Years (Typical Girls)  Details  
  The Punk Years (Typical Girls) 22/10/94 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Interview with Steven Severin
  Notes: Part of a documentary series.  This section covers women in punk.


  Aired: 22/10/94  


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  Play At Home 04/09/84 - Click Here For Bigger Scan Monologues

Weathercade (Video)
A Blues In Drag (Video)
Circle (Video)
Eve White/Eve Black (Live)
Voodoo Dolly (Live)
Helter Skelter (Live)


  Notes: Part of a series focusing on different bands each week.  The Banshees were given free reign to do whatever they wanted.  This included a central theme of 'Alice In Wonderland', with all four band members dressed as Alice, an individual 'performance piece' for each band member, music videos from side projects The Creatures and The Glove and one for the Banshees own track 'Circle'. The live footage is from the video release 'Nocturne' filmed the previous year at the Royal Albert Hall.


  Aired: 04/09/84  


  Riverside  Details  
  Riverside 1983 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Orgy (Lip Synch)
Punish Me With Kisses (Lip Synch)


  Notes: The Glove's TV debut.


  Aired: 1983