Unknown source 1985  
  Still possessed of the finest sorceress caterwaul in the business, Siouxsie briefly gloats and croaks over the demise of a civilisation as her fellow statues stir up a scattering of underground sound effects.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world wonders where the dip and drive of 'Dazzle' has been buried, and waits for the next earthquake.  A private record, to be bought for old times' sake, for the lupine massacre of sound on the B-side, and for the sake of a little sanity amid the surrounding musical insipidness.



  Melody Maker 01/06/85  
  Cities In Dust Advert Click Here For Bigger ScanI rather lost interest in this lot after 'Hyaena' yielded one good single and little else.  But 'Cities In Dust', a great rush of sound and a massively confident burst of pop, suggests a return to form.  Perhaps a bit intense for the airwaves, and lacking the great melody of the slightly similar 'Fireworks', 'Cities' nevertheless recaptures the wondrous hypnotic pop of the Banshees' greatest singles era, that between 'Kaleidoscope' and 'A Kiss In The Dreamhouse'.  

David Quantick



  Unknown source 1985  
  The Banshees have returned from a sojourn in Italy inspired, apparently, by Pompeii (ancient city preserved forever by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago).  The song moves in early Simple Minds territories and, surprisingly enough, the Jim Kerr-type vocal inflections work well.  Anyway, I love Siouxsie Sue.