"...The pavement fell away below us. We sped towards the junction with Drayton Park motorway spur. She steadied herself against the chromium pillar of the quarter window, almost dropping her cigarette on to her lap. Trying to control the car, I pressed the head of my penis against the lower rim of the steering wheel. The car swept towards it's first impact point with the central reservation. Marker lines unraveled diagonally below us, and a car's horn blared faintly behind my shoulder. The drifts of broken windshield glass flashed like mores lamps in the sunlight.

Semen jolted through my penis. As I lost control of the car the front wheel struck the curb of the central reservation, throwing a tornado of dust and cigarette packs on to the windshield. The car swerved from the fast lane and veered towards an airline coach coming out of the roundabout. As the semen oozed from my penis I pulled the car behind the coach. The last tremor of this small orgasm faded...."