Downside Up:


20th Century Boy:

  • Original by T. Rex - Greatest Hits

Pulled To Bits:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    The acts of copy cat violence that followed the release and subsequent withdrawal of Stanley Kubricks A Clockwork Orange
  • Mistakenly printed as 'Pull To Bits' on the sleeve and record


  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:   
    Dedicated to the celebrated photomontage artist of the Twenties/Thirties, John Heartfield, the original title for this song was 'Letter To Heartfield'. The chorus is taken from one of Goerring's speeches during the Second World War.
    SIOUXSIE: "It's a warning song. The whole propaganda of the Nazis at that time was very dangerous and it could easily creep its way in without there being all the hysteria of killing the Jews. Their whole propaganda could easily fit in today." How does she see this Metal Metropolis? "Not being able to get away from the commands of the day, not being able to escape, the idea of having cameras in your room and having people watching you..." Source:  Melody Maker 21/10/78
    SIOUXSIE: "What lies around the swastika I hate, but I also don't identify with blind patriotism either. I couldn't write a song based around Heartfield if I had that attitude." Source:  Melody Maker 17/02/79
  • Original English language version recorded for a BBC Session 02/78
  • The Record sleeve uses a collage called Hurrah! die Butter is alle by anti nazi artist John Heartfield
  • The re-recorded German language version was sampled on the Massive Attack song 'Suerpredators (Metal Postcard)' - The Jackal soundtrack
  • No video was filmed for the release 'Mittageisen'

Drop Dead/Celebration:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment: 
    A scathing attack on deserters Kenny Morris & John McKay
  • When Boy George was in the process of splitting up from boyfriend Jon Moss, he used to leave extracts of 'Drop Dead/Celebration' on Jonís answering machine. Boy George's biography 'Take It Like A Man' is published by Sidgwick & Jackson
  • First song produced entirely by the band
  • The scream at the beginning made its way to University Challenge in 2003 in the form of a question.  The contestants had to identify four screams, the one at the beginning of 'Drop Dead/Celebration' being one of them

Eve White/Eve Black:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment: 
    Based on a real woman Christine Sizemore who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.  The inspiration for this song was the book I'm Eve by Christine Costner - Sizemore & Elen Sain - Pittillo
  • Inspiration: Written after reading The Three Faces Of Eve by Thigpen & Cleckley
  • Initially intended to be a double A side with 'Christine'

Red Over White:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment: 
    Partly inspired by The Benefactor, a short horror story by Walter Winward
  • Recorded for a BBC Session 06/81
  • Covered by The Shroud - Reflections In The Looking Glass

Slap Dash Snap:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    Musically by The Velvet Underground's song 'Murder Mystery' and lyrically by a film called Towers Open Fire.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

Supernatural Thing:

  • Original by Ben E King - The Ultimate Collection
  • Recorded for a BBC Session 06/81

Coal Mind:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment: 
    The book The Green Brain by Frank Herbert.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • Recorded for a BBC Session 05/82

We Fall:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment: 
    Falling/dying in your sleep.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • The barely audible male voice that can be heard during the intro is sound man Tim Sunderland.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

Cannibal Roses:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    "About this time strange things were happening around me.  I swear that a giant sunflower started to grow outside my first floor flat in Queens Park.  It's head used to peer in the window at me when it thought I wasn't looking.  Life imitating art" (Siouxsie).  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

A Sleeping Rain:

  • John McGeoch's last recording with the Banshees.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant:

  • Cover of a traditional French song
  • No promo video was filmed for the release of 'Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant'


  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment: 
    The film Tattoo.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • Covered by Tricky - Nearly God

Let Go:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment: 
    The film '2001: A Space Odyssey.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

The Humming Wires:

  • Sampled on the song 'Total Control', Psychonauts - Songs For Creatures

I Promise:

  • The music box used for the intro was a present from a  fan.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

An Execution:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    Based on the 'myth' of Countess Bathory


  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:   
    King Ludwig II, the 'mad king' of Bavaria.
      Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

Shooting Sun:

  • Recorded for a BBC Session 02/87

Sleepwalking (On The Highwire):

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:   
    The title was inspired by the film Trapeze.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • Written during the  'Tinderbox ' sessions and was intended for inclusion on that album.

She Cracked:

  • Original by The Modern Lovers - The Modern Lovers

She's Cuckoo:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    Originally titled 'He's Cuckoo', Budgie is inspired by the 'cuckoo' noise that emanates from his boiling kettle one morning,  leafs through his Observer Book Of Birds and writes the lyrics.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

Something Blue:

  • Recorded for a BBC Session 02/87
  • Siouxsie wrote the lyrics specifically for the BBC Session

The Whole Price Of Blood:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    Based on a program Siouxsie saw about a female version of amnesty, called  'Les Sentinelle ',  "They rescue women who are trapped in certain religious climates in the Middle East, religions that view any kind of pre-marital sexual aspersion as punishable by death - either by the hand of the eldest brother, or by public stoning". A sister piece to 'Swimming Horses'.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • Started life during the sessions for the 'Hyaena album'.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

Mechanical Eyes:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    Headlines taken directly from New York newspaper 'The National Examiner'.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.


  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    "Whilst mixing 'Peepshow' deep in the heart of Soho at the now defunct Marquee studio which was accessed via an old dark alleyway.  Every night, long after midnight with great ceremony, a 'lady of the night' on her way home from 'work' would stop to feed the local felines who would miraculously appear from out of the shadows on time". (Siouxsie).  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

Something Wicked (This Way Comes):

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    Song title taken from a Ray Bradbury novel and film adaptation of the same name. 

Are You Still Dying Darling?:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    Ex manager Dave Woods

El Dia De Los Muertos:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    An exhibition called 'Day Of The Dead' by Posadas at the Serpentine Gallery, London.    Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • The demonic laughing at the end of the song can be attributed to Budgie
  • Working title 'Black Girl In The Cooking Pot'.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

I Could Be Again:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    The lyric 'Just us, the cameras and those wonderful people out there in the dark' is a actually a line quoted by Gloria Swanson at the end of the film Sunset Boulevard


  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    A news paper report on Manchester's growing guns and drug problem.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.

B Side Ourselves:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    The song title was the heading of a fax concerning the proposed B Side collection.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • Recorded for a BBC Session 01/94
  • Siouxsie's motto "Something isn't better than nothing" a line that was used in the song 'B Side Ourselves'

All Tomorrow's Parties:

Hang Me High:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    A newspaper story about the stigmata marks of a young Italian girl and her ordeal at the hands of the Catholic Church.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • Intended for inclusion on the album 'The Rapture' but was relegated to the b side of the single 'Stargazer', due to Severinís dislike of Catholic allusions in Budgieís lyric

Black Sun:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  
    The song title comes from the biography of the same name  of American poet Harry Crosby.  A song concerning the dark cloud of depression.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.