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Cat:  Sioux 17
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Attack Of The Super Vixens 
  Notes: Limited edition tour single in gatefold sleeve with free postcard and tour poster.

Recorded as part of The Creatures 'Hai!' album sessions but released as a single during Siouxsie's debut solo tour.

No promo video was made for this release.


  Released: 30/08/04  
  UK Chart: Tour Release  
  US Chart: Tour Release  
  Sleeve Design: DED Ass  
  Producer: The Creatures  



  Attack Of The Super Vixens Lyrics  

I'm Super vixen of 50ft woman
I see you with my X-ray vision

Think I don't know your warped condition
You hid it well my failed assassin
So many years you worked your poison
So many tears - crocodillian

Your nemesis will never leave you
Your nemesis is here to haunt you
Like a banshee howling at the moon
Or the creature from the black lagoon

Your bark is loud and your heart is mean
But emotionally your cowardly
You have no bite, you have no soul
You stand exposed you're 5 inches small
5 inches small yeah!!!

We're Super vixen of 50ft woman 
We see you with our X-ray vision

  Attack Of The Super Vixens Credits  
  Sioux - Lyrics
Sioux - Voice
Budgie - Drums, Marimba, Piano, Yuech Ch'in, Percussion & Synthétiques
Leonard Eto - Taiko Drums
  Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment  
  Russ Meyer's film 'Super Vixens'.