London Today  Details  
  London Today 24/08/05 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


London news programme.


  Notes: Report on the release of the 'Dreamshow' DVD.  Siouxsie talks about the concert and working with Leonard Eto and a live orchestra.


  Aired: 24/08/05  


  VH1 Headline Act  Details  
  VH1 Headline Act 25/03/05 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Music show


  Notes: Outtakes from VH1 Alternative


  Aired: 25/03/05  


  The Brit Awards  Details  
  The Brit Awards 10/02/05 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Awards Show  
  Notes: Siouxsie presents the Scissor Sisters with an award for 'Best International Album'.  The Scissor Sisters praise Siouxsie and her influence on their work.


  Aired: 10/02/05  


  News Night Details  
  News Night 10/04 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


London - centric news programme  
  Notes: Prior to her return to the 100 Club, Siouxsie talks about the Banshees 100 Club debut.


  Aired: 10/04  


  VH1 Alternative Details  
  VH1 Alternative 03/10/04 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Music show  
  Notes: Siouxsie and Budgie are the featured artists on this established alternative music show.  In-between airing videos from both The Creatures, the Banshees and other artists, Siouxsie and Budgie talk about the history of both bands, the recording of the album 'Hai!' and the 'Evening With Siouxsie' shows.


  Aired: 03/10/04  


  KROQ Inland Invasion Details  
  KROQ Inland Invasion (Webcast) 18/09/04 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Say Yes!
Around The World
Seven Tears
Standing There
Happy House
Dear Prudence
2nd Floor
Kiss Them For Me
Cities In Dust
Prettiest Thing
Not Forgotten


  Notes: Siouxsie first ever 'webcast'.  


  Aired: 18/09/04