The banshees' first performance was marred by problems.  'We had an abortive rehearsal at the Clash's place on the Monday,' says Marco Pirroni.  'We realised there was no point in trying to learn any songs.'  The banshees were going to use the Clash's equipment until Bernard Rhodes objected to Siouxsie's swastika armband and the swastikas felt-tipped on Sid Vicious's T-shirt, not wishing the Clash's PA to be tarnished by such an association.  So the Banshees used the Sex Pistols' equipment instead.

'We did a Velvet Underground thing for what seemed like hours and hours,' says Pirroni.  'It was horrible:  Sid was doing Mo Tucker.  I was doing "Sister Ray".  I remember me and Sid looking at each other and we were fed up so we just stopped.'

'Boom splat, boom splat, that's how Sid went,' says Siouxsie.  'It captured the spirit of how to do things:  it was a shambles but something much more memorable than doing something we rehearsed.  Listening back to it I could hear "Smoke on the Water" in wafts, but it all fitted.

'It was taking the piss out of all the things we hated.  Whether Marco with his feedback, or me wailing over the top of it singing "Knocking On Heaven's Door" or "The Lord's Prayer" and Steve trying to turn is bass on, and Sid with his relentless banging.  We expected to be stopped by outside forces:  we didn't envisage being able to get away with it.  One of the songs was "She Loves You" and also "Young Love" by the Bay City Rollers.  What song do you really hate?  What would you like to throw in as a shock tactic?  What can we mutilate and destroy?'

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