The Times 08/08/98  
  Eraser Cut EP Advet - Click Here For Bigger ScanWhat always made the work of icon Siouxsie Sioux stand out was her open attitude to instrumentation. The now- defunct Banshees would switch styles of string and guitar, and on The Creatures ' new EP Eraser Cut she merges electric and acoustic sounds with her partner Budgie. Siouxsie makes few other attempts to update her music, but enhanced production and the self- confidence that comes with more than 20 years in the business has brought a modern but mature approach, as demonstrated on Pinned Down, with its chamber-orchestra playing-pop sound. An EP to investigate, if not to cherish.  

Charlie Porter



  Melody Maker 15/08/98  

DS: Eye-liner goddess Siouxsie and sticksman Budgie from the Banshees. If this were played in a club, half the crowd would end up in traction. This is a seriously and strangely funky piece, yet with an eerie, chilling power that could reduce global warming by several degrees. Sioux and Budgie have been around since 1977, but sound here like they were born in 1977. Awesome.

TS: "I wasn't a massive fan of the Banshees but I've got a couple of their albums. I like this, it's totally innovative. It's got loads of weird instruments, interesting Eighties synths, bells, African drumming and her voice is amazing. But it's not gonna get on a radio station in Hull or somewhere now, is it!"

DS: Oh I dunno, Magic FM in the back of a cab. A black cab, obviously.  

Dave Simpson, The Supernaturals