Record Mirror 08/03/80  
  Happy House Advert Click Here For Bigger ScanAnd so....after the holocaust Siouxsie unfastens another button of the raincoat, concentrates on cooling out, takes stock of the situation and not least of all secures the sterling services of Magazine's John McGeoch to succeed where Messrs McKay and Smith merely stylised.  Actually this isn't so very different from it's predecessors, particularly with regard to it's reference to recreational pursuits.  In the same way as sinister circumstances surrounded the playground, I've a feeling the house isn't as happy as it first appears.  Musically, the structure is more relaxed, the rhythm section left to it's own devices beneath a flurry of melodic chords and bitter sweet vocals, ever so slightly redolent of Ferry in nostalgic frame of mind.

Mike Nicholls