Q 06/06  
  The other Rocky Horror Show.

When style commentators bemoan the lack of tribes in latter-day British pop culture, they're probably thinking of the post-punk proto-goths who pack out London's Royal Albert Hall on this concert film.  It looks like they got value for money.  The Banshees are on blazing form, with a thin Robert Smith on guitar and kabuki druidess Siouxsie in full howl, but however dark and tribal it seems - see the potty Voodoo Dolly - the effect is celebratory rather than sombre.

Extras:  Live TV appearances and an edition of C4's Play At Home, featuring the band having a Mad Hatter's tea party.

Main Feature: 3/5
Extras:  2/5



  Uncut 06/06  
  Back in 1983, when bands rarely played London's Royal Albert Hall, the Banshees' two-night takeover was fairly momentous; the home of the Proms, crammed to the rafters with part-time punks and full-time goths.  This, an edited accompaniment to the double live album of the same name, captures the band in their patchouli-oiled prime (bolstered by The Cure's Robert Smith on guitar), although more casual fans may bemoan the dearth of hits in favour of gloomier obscurities.

Extras:  A Channel 4 special, Play At Home, TV clips and promos.


Simon Goddard