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Make Up To Break Up   
Metal Postcard 


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  Notes: Both performances filmed at Manchester's Elizabethan Rooms.

  Released: 1992  


  Cry Of The Banshee Details  
  Cry Of The Banshee


1970 film that was the inspiration for the band's name.

In Elizabethan England, a wicked lord (Vincent Price) massacres nearly all the members of a coven of witches, earning the enmity of their leader.


  Director: Gordon Hessler  
  Released: 1970  


  Punk - The Early Years Video/DVD Details  
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Documents the early years of the punk phenomena.  Includes early interview.   
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  Running Time: 60 Mins.  
  Released: 28/10/03  


  The Filth & The Fury Video/DVD Details  
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Documents the rise and fall of the Sex Pistols.  Includes some early footage of Siouxsie and the Today Show.   
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  Director: Julian Temple  
  Released: 10/10/00  


  The Punk Rock Movie Video Details  
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Includes early footage of the band on tour and live performances of Bad Shape and Carcass.
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  Director: Don Letts  
  Released: 1992  



  Sounds 10/05/86  
  The Punk Rock Movie Advert - Click On Cover For Bigger ScanNostalgia rears its slothful head again.  Here is the 'original' Punk Rock Movie, Don Letts and his hand-held super-eight prowling around the gutters of 1977.

To a soundtrack that's more indecipherable than deafening, we watch these ragged, puny theatrics and wonder: was that all it was?

Letts' film is hardly a 'movie' at all, more  a ragbag of holiday snaps that happen to have been taken with a moving camera.

Third-rate bootleg sound on most of the live footage makes one band sound like another; colour film that bleeds faces into walls gives everything an aura of kiddie psychedelia.

Letts had no idea how to film his subject.  He just pointed the camera and pulled the trigger.  That the results are so mundane is punk's telling epitaph.

Three good things:  Subway Sect blitz chaotically through 'Why Don't You Shoot Me', with Vic Goddard perfect as the weariest man alive.

Wayne County does 'F*** Off'.  The Heartbreakers outplay everybody with 'Chinese Rocks'.

The rest is an almanac that nobody can remember as punk.  The Slits, ATV and Eater are all bags of shambolic neuroses, minus the obsessiveness that would make it interesting.  The Roxy figures as an anonymous cellar.

I don't see myself in the crowd.

If this is how history will see it, it will laugh at the 'outrage': kindly policemen telling BOY staff that they mustn't put bits of plastic flesh in their window, The Clash being silly at a service station, Eater chopping up a pig's head.  It's all childish naughtiness.

Ten years on, these creatures aren't charming, exciting or funny: they look like bad babies, destined to turn into toothless wrecks.

Only Siouxsie, popping vitamin pills and looking more hermaphrodite than witch queen, raises an indulgent smile. The Punk Rock Movie is a messy Polaroid of a tiny corner of a sort of tidal wave.  Richard Cook



  Jubilee Video/DVD Details  
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1976 film by Derek Jarman.  

Siouxsie & The Banshees refused to be involved with the film, but subsequently are featured performing Love In A Void on a TV screen. 
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  Director: Derek Jarman  
  Released: 1976