"Before I was in a band, I knew what I didn't want to do - which was everything that was offered to me, that was available to me.  And then the band just happened."  (July, 1979)

"We haven't always been fashionable.  Okay, Steve and I used to be part of the Bromley Contingent, but that was only because we lived round there.

"When we first went on stage that first night at the Punk Festival we weren't trying to join any movement.  Originally we did it because it was fun.  It sill is fun.

"The press have always enjoyed labelling us as poseurs.  Like when we held out so long without accepting a record deal.  They said we were trying to put over a pose, that we could easily bring out records on a small independent label.  We could have, but what's the use of bringing out records that aren't available everywhere?

"Our music is written as much for the young kid in Scotland who buys her records from Boots or Woolies as it is for the guy who shops in Rough Trade.  Anyway, isn't it fashionable to be on a small label these days?"  (April, 1980)

"My earliest memory is pretending to be dead.  My mum used to keep stepping over me while I was lying on the kitchen floor.  I once took a bottle of pills to make it more realistic.  That was about the same time I started school.  I can remember I had really long hair and I got chewing gum stuck in it.  It was in there for a couple of years until I eventually had my hair cut."

"I've always worn what I wanted to, as opposed to what everyone else wants.  I've always slapped make-up on in war-paint fashion and I've been dyeing my hair since I was at school."  (April, 1980)

"I met Steve (Severin) at a Pistols gig at the end of '75.  he was best mates with Billy Idol.  That was before the Bromley Contingent tag.  Steve had seen them (The Pistols) a couple of times before me.  He was at the Marquee when they supported The Hot Rods and were banned because a few chairs got slung around."

"Kenny Morris had been in The Flowers Of Romance and when he left them we just snapped him up.  John joined us in about March, '77.  Pete Fenton had been with us for a while after Marco had gone back to The Models.  Marco was never meant to be our permanent guitarist anyway.  Pete didn't fit in either so we just waited 'til the right one came along.  We had a violinist as well, called Simone, but she left after our second gig."  (August, 1980)

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