Unknown source 1989  
  Standing There Advert - Click Here For Bigger ScanSiouxsie's in a waspish mood too, and she's chosen a worthy target for her bile, basically, the monumental capacity for stupidity displayed by your average "normal" bloke.  Budgie briefly supplies some melodic percussion to get things started.  Then he batters away behind the haughty Siouxsie with the unhinged glee of that archetypal drummer, Animal of The Muppets.  A hard single made of blood and bone; and a far more suitable setting for Siouxsie's frosty observations than the increasingly bloated Banshees.  


  Unknown Source 1989  
  Standing There Advert - Click Here For Bigger ScanAny wallop this may contain is of course entirely down to Budgie.  Siouxsie's too busy waffling on about voodoo to make this "long overdue" resumption of Creatures affairs significant.

The 'Andalucian MIx' on the 12 is typical Sioux.  Let's hope her Spanish is better informed than when she declared to a shocked Radio 1 audience that her favourite film director was "Don Bu˝uel".  Yeah, and I suppose she thinks his wife's name is Louise.