September 1983
'Dear Prudence'.

SIOUX:  'When we decided to do "Dear Prudence" as a single, I thought we'd be going to distort the original.  But as we were recording it (Stockholm in July), I could see it was turning out to be really commercial, so much so that I suggested putting it on the B-side instead.  It all seemed a bit nice and I was concerned that it might actually be very successful.  It didn't seem subversive enough and was far too damn catchy.  I was aware by then how marginalised a successful single makes you.  I much preferred "Tattoo".'

BUDGIE:  'It was the only song that Robert was familiar with - he wasn't a White Album aficionado like the rest of us.  I quite fancied doing "Glass Onion", but "Dear Prudence" was a good choice because we all felt that The Beatles' version sounded unfinished, more like a sketch.  We recorded it in Sweden, and finished it at Angel Studios in Islington, where Robert was joined by his sister on the harpsichord break.'

SEVERIN:  'I argued Budgie out of "Glass Onion".  It was so obvious to me that "Dear Prudence" was the one.  I don't think we'd thought about the storyboard for the video when it came to film, though.  We thought we could wing it.'

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