The Banshees and Other Creatures website is fifteen years old.  It will soon be archived and hopefully it will become the ultimate resource for all things Banshee.  You may have already noticed that the 'NEWS', 'UPDATES', 'FORUM', 'CONTACT' and 'LINKS' sections have already become obsolete.  But before the website is finally laid to rest there will be some major changes.  There is a lot of information on this website but I feel that it has not always been easy to find it.  I hope to be able to rectify this.  Also, where possible, all pictures will be rescanned to a higher quality. Below you will see four main links.  BIOGRAPHY, WEBSITE INTERVIEWS and FACEBOOK I feel are self explanatory.  That just leaves CHRONOLOGY.  There are no longer separate areas for The Creatures, The Glove and Siouxsie's solo career, all three have now been amalgamated in the newly created 'CHRONOLOGY' section.  This section is split into album eras.  Once you click on an album cover you will find everything you want to know about that era in the band's career, for example, releases, reviews, chart positions, tour dates, television appearances, books, pictures and much much more.  Theses changes are likely to be very gradual so please bear with me during the transition.