Softer now.  Much better.  More understandable.  What were the words?  They sounded familiar.  Evil from us deliver... Not us lead... This us give... The Lord's Prayer!  That was it.  But he was saying it backwards.  How strange and fascinating.

She would be late back and the warden would be angry.  But that didn't matter.  What a story she would have to tell her friends.

By her head, his insane eyes gleaming, Russel began to moan.  Purity.  Chastity.  Virgin.  Sacrifice.  No one like this.  Frenzy.  Beauty.  Milk white skin.  Running red.  Red over white.  Church.  Hate.  Rome.  Hate.  Rome.  Rome.  Excommunication.  Prison.  Never again.  Too clever.  Revenge.  Teach them.  Teach them all.  Peggy.  Teach her.  Outcast.  Hate.  Hate.  Janet.  Save her.  Pure soul.  Purify.  Glorify.  Sanctify.  No more.  No more. Live.  Rise.  Revenge.

Ten o'clock.

Russel stepped into the girl's vision and looked at her.  He showed her what he held in his right hand.  As she opened her mouth to scream, he drew the long knife across her throat, and the blood gushed forth.

Red over white.