Unknown source 1988  
  The Killing Jar Shop Display Advert Click Here For Bigger ScanIt's not quite the splendour of "Peek-A-Boo", but it's got something special.  John Wilde has very reasonably remarked that pop would be more interesting if all records had grasshoppers bleating in the background.  Well, it gives me great pleasure to announce that this "Jar" contains the ribbetting of tiny frogs in the background.  Siouxsie sounds less like a Valkyrie than usual, her voice sounds worn, lived in - it's uncanny.  Singing about the draining of emotion, like the draining of life from an insect in a jar, mourning the dried husk of a relationship, Siouxsie could be human, she really could be.  And those frogs are completely wonderful.  


  Unknown source 1988  
  A second stab from the estimable "Peepshow" album with all the Banshee's traditional strong points to the fore, but lacking the mischievous inspiration of "Peek A Boo".  Not quite the stuff that dreams are made of.  


  Unknown Source 1988  
  The Killing Jar Advert - Click Here For Bigger ScanOh what!  No press release.  Banshees' ones are usually a giggle a line and boast a paragraph to the effect that the band invented music.  Certainly they've been around long enough to do the latter.  There again, this is an outfit that would have come up with square wheels.  Still, a killing jar is an implement used to snuff butterflies, I believe.  With her mannered "Ooooooohaaaaaahs" on this single Siouxsie sounds like it's hr being pinned to a board.  The usual spread og ping-pong guitar and histrionics.  If this song were a buffet it'd be made by British Rail.