The Rapture:

  • By October 1993 nine songs had been recorded for 'The Rapture': Stargazer, Fall From Grace, Not Forgotten, Sick Child, The Rapture, The Double Life, Love Out Me, B Side Ourselves, Hang Me High & Black Sun.  Polydor were happy to release this version of 'The Rapture' when the Banshees decided that it wasn't quite complete and employed the services of John Cale to finish the album.  During this time five more songs were completed: O Baby, Tearing Apart, The Lonely One, Falling Down, & Forever which replaced the songs Hang Me High & Black Sun on the final version of 'The Rapture'.  "On this album we had completed nine songs and had written and recorded them in France, and we had mixed that album as of October 1993. The album was due for release, but we decided that it wasn't ready yet. It's not complete, it's not ready."  (Severin)  Source:  BSIDE 02/95.

O Baby:

  • Recorded for a BBC Session 01/94.
  • The video promo for 'O Baby' was filmed the day after Siouxsie attended her mother's funeral.  Source:  The Guardian 14/01/95.
  • The video promo was filmed at a Baby Beauty Pageant in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Source:  The Guardian 14/01/95.


  • Saffron, lead singer in the band Republica appears in the video.
  • The video promo was filmed in the Pump House, Rotherhithe, London.  Source:  The Guardian 14/01/95.
  • German installation artist Rebecca Horn was responsible for the interior of the Pump Room for the video shoot.  Source:  The Guardian 14/01/95.

Fall From Grace:

  • Siouxsie played drums in the initial stages of writing/rehearsing this track.  Source:  Making Music 01/95.

Not Forgotten:

  • Features in the film Showgirls but is not included on the soundtrack.

Sick Child:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment: 
    The painting of the same name by Edvard Munch
  • Features in the film The Craft.

Falling Down:

  • Recorded for a BBC Session 01/94.

The Rapture:

  • Played in it's entirety on a radio station in Rome. Probably the one and only time it has been played on the radio.  Source:  BSIDE 02/95.

The Double Life:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:   
    A radio story about a schoolmaster who committed suicide once his 'double life' of homosexual promiscuity was revealed. 
  • Recorded for a BBC Session 01/94.

B Side Ourselves:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  The song title was the heading of a fax concerning the proposed B Side collection.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • Recorded for a BBC Session 01/94.
  • Siouxsie's motto "Something isn't better than nothing" a line that was used in the song 'B Side Ourselves'.

All Tomorrow's Parties:

Hang Me High:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:   
    A newspaper story about the stigmata marks of a young Italian girl and her ordeal at the hands of the Catholic Church.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.
  • Intended for inclusion on the album 'The Rapture' but was relegated to the b side of the single 'Stargazer', due to Severin’s dislike of Catholic allusions in Budgie’s lyric.

Black Sun:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:   
    The song title comes from the biography of the same name  of American poet Harry Crosby.  A song concerning the dark cloud of depression.  Source:  Downside Up liner notes.


  • The original concept for a promo video for the Siouxsie & Morrissey duet 'Interlude' was to involve news reel footage of the last woman to be hanged in England (Ruth Ellis) walking to the gallows.  Unfortunately the rights could not be secured.  Morrissey's further suggestion of a video promo featuring a bulldog  was frowned upon by Siouxsie as being 'nationalist' and the whole enterprise was scrapped.  Source:  Uncut 01/05.
  • Morrissey wanted a picture of a Bulldog for the record sleeve.  Again this was rejected by Siouxsie for being too 'nationalist'.  "Well, I did this duet with Morrissey 'cause he was constantly sending me a lot of strange letters at that time (1991 to 1993). I thought it might be a good idea to do something with him. During the recording session, he was quite shy & then when we tried to shoot a video for the song, things went worse . I realised that he hadn't a great sense of humour... ok let's say his sense of humour is different from mine. He was quite weird 'cause he didn't dare to tell me things frankly in the eye. Instead of that, he was sending the manager to let me know unpleasant remarks & ideas he had ( like showing some images of skinheads). I said: ok it's over.. it's enough for me, definitely too much ."

The Lighthouse:

  • The lyrics for 'The Lighthouse' from the Hector Zazou collection 'Songs From The Cold Sea' are in fact part of a larger poem called Flannan Isle by Wilfred Wilson Gibson.

The Story Of Pierre:

John Klein:

  • The Banshees' longest serving guitarist from 'Song From The Edge Of The World' through to 'Stargazer'.

John Hillcoat:

  • Director of the video promos for O BabyStargazer is also a renowned film maker.  His first feature film was 'Ghosts Of The Civil Dead'.  Source:  The Guardian 14/01/95.


  • According Severin it's likely that the Banshees lost their recording contract after Siouxsie was quoted in 'Time Out' magazine as saying "I wouldn't piss on Polydor Records if they were on fire."

Last Gig:

  • 02/07/95 at the Zeebruges Beach Festival, Belgium.

Official Split Press Release:

  • "As the 'music industry' prepares to relive the heady days of 'punk', when confusing the opportunists with the protagonists, it proceeded to sign anything with a safety pin that could spit, Siouxsie & The Banshees would like to say Thank You & Goodbye.  To our loyal fans and friends for their immitigable support.  To Polydor Records for an amicable split after 18 years.  And to the musicians for their indelible spirit... Martin McCarrick, Knox Chandler, Jon Klein, John Carruthers, Robert Smith, John McGeoch, John McKay, Kenny Morris, Peter Fenton, Marco Pirroni & Sid Vicious.  1996 Siouxsie & Budgie begin new recordings as The Creatures, Steven Severin has just completed new material for the film soundtrack 'Visions Of Ecstasy'  Siouxsie & The Banshees 1976-1996 RIP".

20 Years 20 Minutes:

  • The Banshees career spanned 20 years and  20 minutes, from 'The Scream' to 'The Rapture'. During that time they released 29 official UK singles of which 26 reached a place in the UK top 50 chart and 14 official UK albums, which all reached a place in the UK top 40 chart.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers:

  • During their set at the V2001 Festival, Flea from the Red Hot Chillii Peppers announced that they were going to perform 'your national anthem' and the band launched into a cover of 'Christine'.


  • In December 2001's issue of Q Magazine Siouxsie was placed 7th in a readers poll of the 'Top 100 Women Who Rock Your World'.