The Glamour Chase  Details  
  The Glamour Chase 2000 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Billy Mackenzie Documentary


  Notes: Siouxsie shares her thoughts on one time Associates frontman and singer Billy Mackenzie.


  Aired: 2000  


  Punk Top Ten  Details  
  Punk Top Ten 08/06/01 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Entertainment show  
    Continuing the tradition of UK TV's obsession with making lists, punk bands are awarded points for the success of their singles between the years 1976 - 1981, and then awarded a place in the top ten.  Interspread with interviews with current and past band members.


  Aired: 08/06/01  


  I Love 1985  Details  
  I Love 1985 24/02/01 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


A nostalgic look at 1985.


  Notes: Siouxsie comments on the year 1985, in particular; Grace Jones, Doctor Martin Boots and the dreaded 'Goth' movement.  Includes a clip of the Banshees performing Dear Prudence on Top Of The Pops


  Aired: 24/02/01  


  VH1 Where Are They Now? Details  
  Interview 1999 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


  Notes: Documents the career of the Banshees and reports on what they are doing now.  Includes interviews, live and video footage.


  Aired: 1998  


  Rock Family Trees  Details  
  Rock Family Trees 25/09/98 - Click Here For Bigger Scan




    Part of a series that looks at 'Rock Family Trees'.  This episode features  the Banshees, Adam & The Ants and The Slits.  Covers all aspects of the Banshees career with interviews with Siouxsie, Budgie, Severin, Marco Pirroni, Kenny Morris and John McKay.  Also includes live footage and video clips.


  Aired: 25/09/98  


  Dancing In The Street (No Fun)  Details  
  Dancing In The Street 1996 - Click Here For Bigger Scan





  Notes: BBC series documenting the story of Rock & Roll.  Siouxsie is interviewed in the 100 Club, she briefly talks about the history of the club and her first experience of seeing the Sex Pistols perform.  Also includes footage of the 'Today Show'.


  Aired: 1996  


  Unknown Source Belgian TV  Details  
  Belgian TV 21/07/95 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


  Notes: Includes footage of the last Banshees concert prior to their 1996 split.  Siouxsie talks about her time spent in Belgium, the early hour of the gig and the surreal surroundings.  Includes live footage of 'B Side Ourselves' and 'Peek A Boo'.


  Aired: 21/07/95  


  Fax O (French TV) Details  
  Fax O 1995 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Interview with Siouxsie, Budgie and Severin.  Siouxsie talks about her image, revivals and the bands involvement with director Tim Burton's Batman Returns.  
  Aired: 1995  


  Live In Poland  Details  
  Live In Poland 1995 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Not Forgotten (Live)
Night Shift (Live)

  Notes: Interview with Siouxsie and Budgie.  Siouxsie talks about starting out and the punk years.


  Aired: 1995  


Much Music (Buenos Aires)  Details
  Much Music Buenos Aires 27/05/95 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


The Double Life
Fall From Grace
Tearing Apart
The Rapture
Night Shift
B Side Ourselves
Falling Down
O Baby
Trust In Me
Peek A Boo


  Notes: Live concert filmed at Obras Sanitarius on 27/05/95.


  Aired: 27/05/95  


  MTV  Details  
  MTV 1995 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


  Notes: Interview with Siouxsie, Severin and Budgie.  Talk centers around new album 'The Rapture', playing in Argentina and what 1995 holds for the Banshees.  Includes live footage of 'Night Shift' and 'B Side Ourselves'.


  Aired: 1995  


  Unknown Source  Details  
  Interview 1995 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


  Notes: Interview with Siouxsie, Severin and Budgie about the new album 'The Rapture'.  Siouxsie talks at length about the early days of punk and it's aftereffects.


  Aired: 1995  


  Lola Da Musica  Details  
  Unknown Source 07/03/95 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Fall From Grace (Live clip)  
  Aired: 20/03/95  


  Indies  Details  
  Indies 15/02/95 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


    Siouxsie explains how 'The Rapture' album was recorded before talking about the origins of the title track, while the video for 'O Baby' plays throughout in the background.


  Aired: 15/02/95  


  MTV's Most Wanted  Details  
  MTV's Most Wanted 24/01/95 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Dear Prudence (Intro) (Live)
O Baby (Live)
Stargazer (Live)

  Notes: Very brief interview that consists of an introduction to the band and Siouxsie's recent move to France.


  Aired: 24/01/95  


  News At Night  Details  
  News Night 1995 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


News programme  
    Report on the recording and release of 'The Rapture' album.  Siouxsie and Steven talk about working with John Cale and the filming of the 'O Baby' video at a child beauty pageant in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Talk then turns, inevitably, to the longevity of the band.  Includes video clips of 'Hong Kong Garden', 'O Baby', 'Cities In Dust' and 'Kiss Them For Me'.


  Aired: 10/01/95  


  First Look  Details  
  News At Night - Click Here For Bigger Scan


Report on the 'O Baby' video.  
  Notes: Siouxsie and John Hillcoat (video director) about the making of the 'O Baby' video.


  Aired: 24/12/94  


  The Punk Years (Typical Girls)  Details  
  The Punk Years (Typical Girls) 22/10/94 - Click Here For Bigger Scan


  Notes: Part of a documentary series.  This section covers women in punk.  Includes an interview with Steven Severin.


  Aired: 22/10/94