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Collates numerous articles from a variety of fanzines that existed at the time, Ripped &  Torn, 48 Thrills and The Jolt.






  Author: Julie Davis  
  Published By: Millington  
  ISBN: 0860000982  
  Released: 17/11/77  


  Punk Details  
  Punk The Definitive Record Of A Revolution - Click Here For Extract
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Big Section on the Banshees & some great pictures.  




  Author: Stephen Colegrave & Chris Sullivan  
  Published By: Thunder's Mouth Press  
  ISBN: 156025369X  
  Released: 10/10/01  



  Mojo 04/05  

This lavishly packaged coffee table book is a million miles from the edgy, two fingers up at the establishment publications of the time, swapping the brutal, brusque immediacy of the Xeroxed zine/flyer for a plush, state of the art design.  Still, it's and exhilarating read with juicy interviews with the likes of Steve Severin, Don Letts, Paul Simonon and Jayne County.  But it's the picture research that's most delightful here, from a classic shot of Debbie Harry and Joey Ramone snuggled up in bed to Iggy Pop from '68 sporting white face paint and a died perm.  Lois Wilson 



  Punk Rock So What? Details  
  Punk Rock So What? No pictures of the band but quite a few quotes.  




  Author: Roger Sabin  
  Published By: Routledge  
  ISBN: 0415170303  
  Released: 01/08/99  


  Punk Legends Details  
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Contains 5 pages of photos from the Banshees first tour of the US.  




  Author: Rikki Ercoli  
  Published By: Manic D Press  
  ISBN: 0916397866  
  Released: 01/10/03  



  Alternative Tentacles 2003  
  An incredible hardbound book of black–and–white photos of punk, new wave, fringe, and alt rock music legends. Ercoli hung out on stage and back stage in the late '70s and got pics of damn near everybody — East Coast, West Coast, and London, first, second and third waves — on their first tours!

Bands and people included are:

Adam and the Ants, Andy Warhol, Bauhaus, Billy Idol, Bow Wow Wow, Brian Brain, Circle Jerks, Clash, Brian Cook and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, Cramps, David Johansen (post-New York Dolls), Dead Kennedys, DOA, Edith Massey (of John Waters fame), Exploited, Gang of Four, GBH, Girls School, Jah Wobble, Jello Biafra, Killing Joke, Lance Loud, Lydia Lunch, Marianne Faithfull, Misfits, Nico, Nuns, Patti Smith, Public Image Ltd, Raincoats, Ramones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Richard Hell (of The Voidoids), Sex Gang Children, Sid Vicious, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Slits, X, Stiv Bators (of The Dead Boys), Stray Cats, and Virgin Prunes.

These aren't posed fashion shots, they're all performance or back stage photos–all action! Plus, his commentary, while minimal, is interesting and fun! The bits about saving Nancy Spungen from getting run over by a taxi and about overhearing Andy Warhol and Truman Capote gossip are unforgettable!



  England's Dreaming Details  
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Covers the punk explosion in England.  




  Author: Jon Savage  
  Published By: Faber & Faber  
  ISBN: 0-571-16791-8  
  Released: 14/09/92  



  Mojo 04/05  

The definitive tome on the UK punk scene.  Savage, whose compelling narrative is bolstered with interviews with the main incubators and agitators on the concurrent London and Manchester scenes, not only details the emerging soundtrack but provides an intelligently argued sociological and political analysis of the decade and its burgeoning youth culture.  He highlights the importance of word-of-mouth reportage and fanzines and of performance artists such as Throbbing Gristle in the evolution of punk, while also pinpointing the role of fashion with Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's King's Road boutique.  Lois Wilson 



  On Wine & Hashish Details  
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Inspiration for the song 'Voices'.  




  Author: Charles Baudelaire  
  Published By: Hesperus Press  
  ISBN: 1843910179  


  Selected Works Details  
  The Haunted Palace - Click Here For Extract 
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The short story/poem 'The Haunted Palace' was partly the inspiration for the song 'Voices'.  




  Author: Edgar Allan Poe  
  Published By: Edimat Books  
  ISBN: 8497940342  


  Punk An Illustrated History  Details  
  Punk An Illustrated History Of A Music Revolution - Click Here For Extract
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Includes four page section on Siouxsie & The Banshees.  




  Author: Adrian Boot  
  Published By: Penguin  
  ISBN: 0140260986  


  Punk - An A To Z Details  
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Forward written by John Cale.

The complete A to Z of punk, includes a two page article on the Banshees and a short piece on the Bromley Contingent.





  Author: Barry Lazell  
  Published By: Hamlyn  
  ISBN: 0600586359  
  Released: 15/11/95