Rock & Pop Year By Year Details  
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Encyclopedia of rock and pop.  Includes many references to the Banshees






  Author: Luke Crampton & Dafydd Rees  
  Published By: Dorling Kindersley Pub  
  ISBN: 140530071X  
  Released: 02/10/03  


  The Dark Reign Of Gothic Rock Details  
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Comprehensive time line of 'Gothic Rock'






  Author: Dave Thompson  
  Published By: Helter Skelter  
  ISBN: 1 - 900924 - 48 - X  
  Released: 11/11/02  


  The Authorised Biography Details  
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The 'Official' biography, includes interviews with all the key players and some nice black and white pictures.  If this isn't everything you ever wanted to know, then you're just plain nosey!






  Author: Mark Paytress  
  Published By: Sanctuary  
  ISBN: 1-86074 - 375 - 7  
  Released: 28/07/03  



  Unknown source 2003  
  The The Authorised Biography Postcard Front - Click Here For Bigger ScanIn documenting the group's chaotic career, band members and associates from Siouxsie & The Banshees have contributed to Mark Paytress' unfussy biography.  The transcription-style approach is spot-on but given the often fractious personalities of the characters involved, the story demands this kind of individual attention.  No aspect of the Banshees' chaotic development remains uncovered, from the desire to take punk's DIY ethos to the extreme to the rapid turnover of guitarists (apparently "they would always explode in one way or another").  5/5  David Davies  

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  New Wave Details  
  New Wave Includes full discography






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