Notes On A Scandal Details  
  Notes On A Scandal 


A pottery teacher enters into an affair with one of her students, causing upheaval in her personal and professional lives.

  Notes: The album sleeve to 'Kaleidoscope' is shown in a scene where Cate Blanchette's character says, "I use to worship her" and in the background 'Dizzy' can be heard.  Dizzy is not included on the subsequent soundtrack album.

Not yet released on DVD.  The cover shown is that of the book of the same name.


  Released: Not yet released  


  The Best Of Double CD & DVD Track Listing  
  The Best Of (Sound & Vision) Double CD & DVD Front Cover - Click Here For Bigger Scan 
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CD 1
Dear Prudence
Hong Kong Garden
Cities In Dust
Peek A Boo
Happy House
Kiss Them For Me
Face To Face
Dizzy (Version 2)
Stargazer (New Mix)
Arabian Knights
The Killing Jar
This Wheel's On Fire (New Mix)

CD 2

Spellbound (12" Version) (Slightly different to 12" Vinyl)
Song from the Edge of the World (Columbus Mix)
Kiss Them For Me (Kathak # 2 Mix) (Previously Unavailable)
Peek A Boo (Silver Dollar Mix)
The Killing Jar (Lepidopteristic Mix)
Cities in Dust (Eruption Mix)
Dazzle (Glamour Mix)
Stargazer (Mambo Sun Mix)
Face to Face (Catatonic Mix)


Dear Prudence
Hong Kong Garden
Cities In Dust
Peek A Boo
Happy House
Kiss Them For Me
Face To Face
Arabian Knights (Original Video)
The Killing Jar
This Wheel’s On Fire

Hidden Videos*

Israel (Alternative Video)
Face To Face (With Batman Return Film Clips)


  Notes: *These hidden videos were discovered when 'ripping' the DVD content.  It's still not clear how they are reached via any normal method


  Released: 2004  
  UK Chart: No.   
  US Chart: Not Released  
  Sleeve Design: DED Associates  
  Producer: Various  


  The Seven Year Itch DVD/Video Track Listing  
  The Seven Year Itch Live DVD - Click On Cover For Stills  
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Jigsaw Feeling
Metal Postcard
Red Light
Happy House
Lands End
Cities In Dust
I Could Be Again
Night Shift
Voodoo Dolly
Blue Jay Way
Peek A Boo


Backstage Budgie
Getting Ready To Scratch


Includes the same booklet as the CD of the same name

*Also available on video


  Released: 02/06/03  



  Record Collector 2003  
  The Seven Year Itch Live DVD Advert - Click Here For Bigger ScanSiouxsie & The Banshees' concerts have not exactly been well documented on film.  It's now almost 20 years since two monumental shows at London's Royal Albert Hall were filmed for Nocturne (still unavailable on DVD), the only official release till now of a Banshees performance.  Thankfully, for their 2002 'Seven Year Itch' reunion tour, the band took the initiative, filming the second night of their stint at London's Shepherds Bush Empire to produce this 87-minute tour-de-force.

Performance-wise, this was one of the truly great Banshees shows.  The companion live CD - reviewed in RC a month or so back - features songs mainly drawn from the first night.  The DVD captures the second, and it's by far the superior performance, complimented by an excellent sound mix and dramatic camera work.  Bravely, there were no post-production overdubs and the occasional minor fluff has been left in.

Nowadays, Siouxsie is less animated on stage, but then she is in her mid-40s.  Her voice and stage persona, however, remain as potent as ever.  If anything, her sense of sexual theatre is more intense.  The display on uninhibited sexuality during 'Voodoo Dolly' is both disturbing and intoxicating, and there's not a single jailbait girlie singer cliché in sight.  Now all we need is Universal to get their finger out and reissue Nocturne.  

Cliff McLenehan


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  Twenty Four Hour Party People DVD/Video Details  
  Twenty Four Hour Party People DVD - Click On Cover For Stills  
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Film focusing on the emergence of the Hacienda Club and the burgeoning Manchester music scene.  The Banshees feature in the opening 10 minutes.  The clip is in fact the Banshees performing 'Make Up To Break Up' in the Elizabethan Rooms

  Released: 27/01/03