Eve White Eve Black
Demure, retiring, in some respects almost saintly.

Face suggests a quiet sweetness; the expression in repose is predominantly one of contained sadness.

Voice always softly modulated, always influenced by a specifically feminine restraint.

Clothes: simple, conservative, neat, and inconspicuously attractive.  Posture: tendency to a barely discernable stoop or slump.  Movements careful and dignified.

Almost all who know her express admiration and affection for her.  She does not provoke envy.  Her strength of character is more passive. than active; steadfast on defense but lacking in initiative and boldness to formulate strategy of attack.

An industrious and able worker; also a competent housekeeper and a skilful cook.  Not colourful or glamorous.   Limited in spontaneity.  Reads poetry and likes to compose verse herself.

Consistently uncritical of others; tries not to blame husband for marital troubles.  Nothings suggests pretense or hypocrisy in this charitable attitude.

Though not stiffly prudish and never self-righteous, she is seldom lively or playful and not inclined to tease or tell a joke.  Seldom animated.  Her presence reflects her unexpressed devotion to her child.  Every act, every gesture, and the demonstrated sacrifice of personal aims to work hard for her little girl are consistent with this love.

Cornered by bitter circumstances, threatened with tragedy, her endeavors to sustain herself and defend her child are impressive.  his role is one essentially so meek and fragile that it embodies an unspoken pathos.  One feels somehow that she is doomed to be overcome in her present situation.

No allergy to nylon has been reported.

Obviously a party girl.  Shrewd, childishly vain, and egocentric.

Face is pixie like; eyes dance with mischief as if Puck peered through the pupils.

Expression rapidly shifts in a light cascade of fun-loving willfulness.  The eyes are as inconstant as the wind.   This face has not known and will never know sadness.  Often it reflects a misleading and only half true naiveté.

Voice a little coarsened; "discultured"; has echoes or implications of mirth and teasing.  Speech richly vernacular, liberally seasoned with spontaneous wit.

Dress is becoming a little provocative.  Posture and gait suggest lightheartedness, play, a challenge to some sort of frolic.

Immediately likeable and attractive.  A touch of sexiness seasons every word and gesture.  Ready for any little irresponsible adventure.

A devotee of pranks.  Her repeated irresponsibility's have cruel results on others.  More heedless and unthinking, however, than deeply malicious.  Enjoys taunting and mocking the alternate.

All attitudes and passions whim like and momentary.  Quick and vivid flares of many light feelings, all ephemeral.

Never contemplative; to be serious is for her to be tedious or absurd.  She is immediately amusing and likeable.   Meets the little details of experience with a relish that is catching.

Strangely "secure from the contagion of the world's slow stain", and from all inner aspects of grief and tragedy.

Reports that her skin often reacts to nylon with urticaria.  Usually does not wear stockings when she is "out" for long periods.