Wild Things:

  • The influences for the photo shoot used for the record sleeve were the shower scene in Psycho and a painting by artist Millais called Ophelia and the photography of Man Ray"It was just very much in keeping with the kind of Man Ray imagery that I personally am very fond of."  (Siouxsie)  Source:  Unknown source 1988.
  • The infamous 'nude' shower photographs were taken in a Newcastle hotel room.
  • Upon completion of the risqué photo shoot, Siouxsie was quoted as saying "people can think I’m a dyke and he’s a queer if they want".
  • Initially the plan was to release a single 7" EP consisting of the tracks Wild Thing, Mad Eyed Screamer, But Not Them and Thumb.  This was to be followed by a cassette version that would include the additional track So Unreal.  It was later decided to release ALL the songs on two 7" singles.  Source: The File, Phase One.
  • A problem arose with the release of the 'Wild Things' EP. Record company bosses were unsure whether 5 songs constituted an EP (and eligibility for the singles chart) or an album.  Eventually it was agreed that it would be eligible for the singles chart.  This would not be the case today.  Source:  Smash Hits 10/81.

Mad Eyed Screamer:

  • Recorded 25-27/05/81, Playground Studios.  Source: The File, Phase One.
  • Performed on Top Of The Pops 01/10/81.
  • Performed on Top Of The Pops 15/10/81.
  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  Based on a local character found at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London .  "'Mad Eyed Screamer is about a guy who was at Speaker's Corner on Sundays when I used to go down there, one man in particular that I remember who was just crazed, obsessive and quite frightening."  (Siouxsie)  Source:  Smash Hits 10/81.

So Unreal:

  • Recorded 25-27/05/81, Playground Studios.  Source: The File, Phase One.
  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  The novel The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin.  "It's about meeting someone again who you've known a few years ago, and they're totally conventional and all they care about is their washing machine."  (Siouxsie)  Source:  Smash Hits 10/81.

But Not Them:

  • Recorded 16-30/03/81, Surrey Sound Studios.  Source: The File, Phase One.
  • Recorded for a BBC Session 10/02/81 at Langham 1, aired 18/02/81.
  • First song The Creatures recorded together
  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  "It's about the generation that's getting rid of the old sex roles."  (Siouxsie)  Source:  Smash Hits 10/81.
  • Live debut 16/02/81, Hammersmith Palais, London.  Source: The File, Phase One.

Wild Thing:

  • Recorded 25-27/05/81, Playground Studios.  Source: The File, Phase One.
  • Original by The Troggs - The Best Of.


  • Recorded 25-27/05/81, Playground Studios.  Source: The File, Phase One.
  • Live debut 30/10/82, Rock Ola Club, Madrid.  Source: The File, Phase Two, Issue Three.


  • The Creatures were born during the recording of Siouxsie & The Banshees 1981 album 'Juju'. 'But Not Them' had been written during the sessions and was originally intended to be included on 'Juju'.  It was at this point that Siouxsie & Budgie decided to form the offshoot The Creatures and recorded a further four songs, which along with 'But Not Them' became The Creatures debut release the EP 'Wild Things'.  Source:  Smash Hits 10/81.