• The location for recording the first full length Creatures album was reached randomly by placing a pin in a map of the world.  Recorded in a studio on the island Owahoo, Hawaii.
  • When flying to Hawaii to record the album Siouxsie & Budgie passed through three different time zones, as it was New Year's Eve they got to celebrate it three times!

Morning Dawning:

  • The early beginnings of Morning Dawning first emerged  during an ad lib section towards the end of the Banshees' song Voodoo Dolly at the Elephant Fayre in 1982.  The opening vocal refrain is in fact parts of the Banshees' track Painted Bird played backwards.

Inoa 'Ole :

  • Hawaiian for 'No Name'.

Ice House :

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  A TV play.  A convalescent home run by a brother and sister who dress in a certain colour identical to some extraordinary self-perpetuating, interbred flowers that tower above an old ice-house at the bottom of the garden.  A new inhabitant suspects that the other residents are under some strange intoxication, some spell spread by the Aphrodisiac blossoms.  In the ice-house he discovers bodies frozen in the ice.  Later, when awoken from his sleep he discovers a hole in the window, perfectly flower-shaped.  Finally he is led down the garden to the ice-house and enters voluntarily, the door closing behind him.  Source:  Melody Maker 04/05/83.

Dancing On Glass:

  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  An Indian musical televised before Christmas as a trailer for Channel 4's season of classic Indian films. A hymn to Bacchanalian abandonment, it celebrates the mad irresponsibility of a crazed carnival, oozing with guile, panting with lust.  Source:  Melody Maker 04/05/83.
  • The sound of broken glass used in the song is the result of Siouxsie & Budgie literally dancing on broken mirrors (with shoes on!).  Source:  Melody Maker 04/05/83.


  • Originally intended to be the lead single.  Source:  The File, Phase Two, Issue Three.

Miss The Girl:

  • Covered by Enemies Budgie.
  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  The book Crash, by J. G. Ballard in which the lead character gets sexual gratification from car crashes.
  • The set for the video was built by Siouxsie & BudgieSource:  Melody Maker 04/05/83.
  • The promotional video received an unofficial ban from the BBC.  Source:  No.1 16/06/84.
  • Performed on Top Of The Pops 12/05/83.
  • Performed on Top Of The Pops 24/05/83.


  • Inspiration/Influence/Band Comment:  Deals with the subject of 'snuff' movies.  "I didn't want to call it 'Snuff' because I didn't want it to be that sensationalistic, but it was something that I was disgusted about."  (Siouxsie)  Source:  Melody Maker 04/05/83.

Hot Springs In The Snow:

  • Recorded during the Banshees 'A Kiss In The Dreamhouse' sessions.  The opening vocal is in fact a section of the song 'Painted Bird' played backwards.

Right Now:

  • Recorded at Wessex Studios and mixed at De Lane Lea Studios 21-23/05/83.  Source: The File, Phase Two Issue Four.
  • Original by Mel Torme - The Collection.
  • Sampled by Pop Will Eat Itself on the track  'Def Con One'.
  • A Side of 7" vinyl has 'Broom Broom' scratched into the run out groove.
  • Performed on Top Of The Pops 28/07/83.
  • Video aired on Top Of The Pops 11/08/83.
  • The Creatures highest charting single, No. 14.